JawaPos.com — The semifinals of the Indonesian Liga 2 2023/2024 has become a stage for three former Green Force captains who are ready to lead their teams in the quest for promotion to Liga 1.

Persiraja Banda Aceh, PSBS Biak, Malut United, and Semen Padang FC are the four clubs competing for promotion. Among these clubs, there are former players and captains who have previously played for Persebaya Surabaya.

Andik Vermansah, Ruben Sanadi, and Alwi Slamat, all play crucial roles in their teams’ journey to the Liga 2 semifinals this season. Although they have left Green Force, their impact is still felt and remains an important part of their football careers.

Andik Vermansah, a Persebaya Surabaya icon, now leads Persiraja Banda Aceh. Despite parting ways with Green Force since 2013, he is still fondly remembered by Persebaya Surabaya loyal supporters, Bonek.

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Andik Vermansah is a key player in the Persiraja Banda Aceh squad, bringing the experience and quality from his time with Green Force.

Ruben Sanadi, a former full-back who played for Persebaya Surabaya from 2018-2020, is now the captain of PSBS Biak. Despite playing for Bhayangkara FC, Ruben Sanadi is still closely attached to the identity of Persebaya Surabaya.

His leadership and dedication to the team are crucial factors in motivating his teammates on the journey towards promotion to Liga 1.

Alwi Slamat, former captain of Persebaya Surabaya last season, is now leading Malut United. After 4.5 seasons with Green Force, Alwi Slamat decided to seek new challenges.

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Joining Malut United, Alwi Slamat was immediately trusted as captain and became a driving force for his team. Together with former foreign striker of Persebaya Surabaya, Jose Wilkson, Alwi Slamat successfully led Malut United to the semifinals, with a big mission to secure promotion to Liga 1.

List of Former Persebaya Surabaya Players in the Semifinals of the Indonesian Liga 2 2023/2024

Persiraja Banda Aceh:

Adam Maulana

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