Bandung Creative Hub (BCH) could be an ideal place to work on tasks, have meetings, or just hang out. The uniquely designed building is located on Jalan Laswi, Bandung. It can be accessed by private vehicle or even public transportation.

The location of the working space is at the mouth of the BCH building. There are tables, chairs, and free wifi available. Despite being in front of the entrance, this working space area is clean and comfortable.

In addition to the working space, BCH has various other facilities spread across five floors and one basement. There is a library, exhibition room, recording studio, music studio, auditorium, as well as sewing and fashion class rooms.



Visitors usually come to Bandung Creative Hub to work on tasks, borrow books from the library, use the auditorium, or rooms used for activities.

As reported on the website, Bandung Creative Hub was inaugurated in 2017 by Mochamad Ridwan Kamil and Oded Mohamad Danial, who at that time were serving as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Bandung.

This building is designed to facilitate the community in enhancing their creativity.

One of the BCH visitors, Seni, said that she initially came to Bandung Creative Hub when looking for a place to work on tasks through the browser. And, BCH became her reference for visiting.

“The goal here is a reference from Google, there is a wider creative place, the place is nice and comfortable, and it turns out when tried it is real, nice also for working, besides that you can find books and borrow books in the library,” said Seni when met at Bandung Creative Hub on Wednesday (21/2/1014).

Meanwhile, another visitor, Natalia Kantun (24), thinks that Bandung Creative Hub can be used as a place to work on tasks with complete facilities, and its location can be reached using public transportation.

“First, it’s close to home, accessible by public transportation, second, the facilities are quite extensive, and free wifi, the place is quite comfortable,” said Natalia.

She also hopes that the tables and chairs need to be increased because every afternoon towards evening many visitors come. “The hope is that the seating needs to be increased, because by afternoon it’s already very crowded, so you have to wait for an available chair,” she added.

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